There is no planet B

reduce, reuse, recycle

You can’t claim to be a champion fruit juice without championing the rights of Mother Nature. After all, she’s a single parent, who works pretty hard to keep us all alive. But, in all seriousness, sustainability is a very real and complex issue.

Sir Fruit is taking the slow and steady approach to win the race. Our tortoise verses hare tactic means making simple changes first and testing the complicated ones thoroughly.

Indeed! We feel our strategy is more likely to result in a longer-term, more meaningful change. This will allow us to avoid falling victim to greenwashing and fly-by-night ‘solutions’.

We believe in the ‘Three P’s’: People, Planet and Prosperity. We’ve already kicked-off some great stuff, but we haven’t come this far to only go this far. So, keep your monocles fixed squarely on this space.

Water usage


Waste not want not



One final note