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Introjuicing Harrismith Apple

At Sir Juice, we remember reading about those Fantastic Four superheroes in comic books (we were just young Sirettes). There was the stretchy man, that invisible woman, the weird rock guy and the human braai. So, perhaps it’s no big shock that – now that we’re posh adults – we’ve assembled our own fantastic four. Ours, of course, are all apple types, called Braeburn, Cripps Pink, Sundowner and Fuji. They’re grown in Harrismith, so when we blended them together, we decided to call the result… um, Harrismith Apple juice. (Yep, our name generator was out of order that day.) Anyway, this stuff is made for superheroes: it’s unfiltered, so it’s cloudy and delicious like apple juice should be. It’s proper. Here’s to the fruit!